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28 January, 2010

Giving your photos a new

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Hello,friends,we all know,how important pictures,are to our blog.Adding,some good,interesting pictures yo your blog posts and also to your forum posts,e-mails adds a different dimension to it.One of the best way to attract your reader's attention,to a particular blog post,is perhaps,adding a related photo to it.If you take into consideration even the best of the blogs,like Mashable,Techcrunch,Boing Boing and many others,you would notice,that almost all of their posts are associated with a representative photo.I think,we all have noticed very attractive RSS Feed icons,displayed at thousands of blogs,in order to attract new subscribers.Yes,if you ask me writing substantial,focused content is probably the most important criteria for increasing the visitor and subscriber count,but when it comes to pictures and photos,there is also no alternative to it.Let us take the example of this blog,in the initial days of my blogging,i was not aware of this important tool.After some time when i started adding photos to my blog posts,i found a substantial increase in the visitor count to my blog.I started getting, bulk of visitors even from Google Images.

In case of forums,i mean there are so many posts,so in order to attract readers to your posts,and thereby to your links,perhaps the best tool is to add a customized photo to your forum post.

Now,it's not only about adding a photo or icon,to your blog.The more you can customize it,more the better.And here comes,this may be taken as a perfect Fun photo maker.Everyday,this fun photo editor,adds many picture effects to their site,and you can simply add an effect,by selecting a particular effect,and uploading,your photo.The whole process takes less than, half a minute.Automatically,HTML code for posting the new customized photo,to your blog,forum or even mails,is generated.Then it's just a cut and paste job.One of the best feature,i found out was that  many new effects are added everyday,to choose from.

Below,I have showed a demonstration,how easy it was,to customize some social bookmarking icons.


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Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures


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