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09 October, 2009


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Non-Genital warts can be divided broadly into four types.These are the common wart or the Verruca vulgaris,Plane wart or the Verruca Plana,Plantar warts and the Digitate warts.

Common warts are usually caused by HPV-2.These warts usually present as a elevated,round,greyish colored growth with rough surface that may occur anywhere in the skin,but more commonly over the hands,knee etc.

Plane warts which are usually caused by HPV 3 AND 10,present as multiple,tiny papules appearing over the face.These papules are usually skin colored.

Plantar warts occurring over the under surface of foot,are painful.{Point to be noted here,is that most of the warts are usually painless}.Trauma is the most important predisposing factor.Another being the flat foot.

Plantar wartImage via Wikipe,dia

Digitate warts/Filiform warts are
usually single,shrub like projections sees over fingers,scalp,face etc.

Filiform wart on the eyelidImage via Wikipedia

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